We have a true understanding of our clients.

Deltra was created out of a desire to change the age old approach to securing interim and permanent professionals. We understand that each client has individual needs and requirements and a ‘one size fits all’ approach does not work or offer any distinct value.

We obtain a true understanding of our clients needs and recommend only those that we know will be suitable. We work very closely with our extensive network of consultants to expand on their strengths, knowledge, and experience to make them assets to our clients.

Our understanding of the market place will enable us to help you transform your business.

The typical roles we recruit are:

  • Transformation Director
  • Programme Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Change Manager
  • Organisation Design Specialists
  • Business Analyst
  • PMO Manager and PMO Support
  • Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement Specialists

We are committed to delivering best practice to our clients and candidates, one of our key values is integrity, and this makes us a trusted partner of choice.

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