Transformation & technology tailored to  your business

Working in partnership with you and your business, we provide a real alternative to using management consultancies to deliver your transformation.

Our consultants work alongside your business to scope out project requirements, from headcount, project scope, deliverables and success criteria to skills and experience, and build a specialist technology or transformation team tailored to your programme of work.

your project

When there's a programme of work to be delivered, it's imperative to build the right team structure to give the project the best possible start. We'll support you every step of the way from project conception to completion.

Phase 1: Research

We'll spend time understanding your project requirements, operational technology and budgetary drivers, as well as any other commitments that may be in place with existing suppliers and/or consultancies.

Phase 2: Refine

Your account manager will work with you to find the right people for the business and as the project develops, will advise on team structure to ensure you are  seeing a true return on investment.

Phase 3: Realise

Once your transformation team is in place, our account manager will continue to partner with you to track performance and support you in delivering your programme.

Working with us

Putting relationships into recruitment

We're proud to be part of the conversation when it comes to championing change in the industry. From our in-person and digital events, mentoring programme or leadership calls, we regularly bring our candidates and clients together to spark discussion and collaboration. Through this, not only have we built an incredible network of transformation pros but it's strengthened the relationships that our people have with our partners. Getting to know the people we work with outside of the day to day is paramount to connecting them with the right opportunities.

Data-driven, strategic hires

Each partnership begins with an in-depth brief to ensure we fully understand your requirements, challenges and future plans. It's through this that we find out everything we need to know to effectively take your role and your brand to market. Knowing the pain points and what you're looking to achieve beyond the here and now enables to us better identify the right people to help transform your business.

Ensuring the right fit

There's more that goes into finding the right person than simply matching technical ability and experience with the opportunity. It's equally important to understand a candidates' softer skills and motivations to ensure they'll suit your role and drive the change you need.

became a trusted recruitment partner

"Deltra have brought immense value to the business, providing us with access to high calibre project and programme capability. They’ve taken the time to fully understand our processes and have sourced the right type of people to join our teams. It’s been great working with Deltra."

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Deltra 2023   Salary & Engagement Survey

If you're building your team and want to benchmark salaries or find out what business transformation and change professionals are looking for from their career, download our annual survey.

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Scaling your team with Deltra Group

Programmes are not always predictable. Whether you're looking to get people into your business quickly to start or salvage a project, we can help. We've helped companies across the UK hire permanent and interim roles at a moments notice. If you're looking to hire quickly, then we should talk.

When you're scaling, or have an urgent need the standard that you sometimes hold yourselves to can drop. By focusing on building real relationships with our clients and candidates, we're never pressured to just fill a vacancy. We know that for these partnerships to work long-term we need to put forward the best candidates for the role, and so that's what we do. Every single time.

Transformation can be complicated, sometimes having a second opinion can be extremely valuable. Through our network of senior transformation professionals, we've curated a list of trusted individuals who we can introduce you to at any stage of your project to help you work through your challenges.

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