Women in Transformation.

Dedicated to diversity & inclusion in business change & transformation.

Our Women in Transformation series began in 2019 with the aim of sparking thought-provoking conversations between female professionals about the issues faced by women in high-profile positions. Our first session brought together inspirational women from the transformation space and was a roaring success. This led to several riveting face-to-face events where women, along with male allies, could discuss the challenges they’ve faced, offer support and motivation to each other and for us to better understand how we can help.

Our mission is to get under the surface of some of the major hurdles our industry faces when it comes to diversity and inclusion, and help to propel us all forward in the pursuit of true equality.

Meet our panelists

For our most recent event, as a Women In Transformation first, we welcomed a whole panel of industry leaders on board to lead the discussion on diversity & inclusion. With an incredible array of experience from their careers to draw on, they covered hard-hitting subjects like the impact of Covid-19 on women in the workplace, the lasting effects of the BLM protests on drawing awareness to race issues at work, as well as exploring the intricacies of social mobility. 

Here are our Women In Transformation panellists...


Sandra Di Vito

Partner, Moorhouse Consulting

With over 20 years of global consulting experience across government, transport, regeneration and financial services, Sandra is a true expert on harnessing transformational benefit and its links to ED&I in the change & transformation space. She proudly champions for more diversity in her organisation. Her belief is that collaboration and shared learning is key to helping us make progress faster.


Tavier Taylor

CIO | CTO | Board Advisor

Tavier is a board level global IT leader and IT transformation specialist. Having worked for global organisations to lead the delivery of technology strategies and governance frameworks, her vast experience in building specialist IT teams is a great point of reference for our discussion around the role of recruitment in the fight for better D&I in the workforce.


Tony Sweeney

Senior Director, Alvarez and Marshal

Tony Sweeney is a Senior Director at leading global professional services firm, Alvarez and Marshal. As a transformation leader, Tony has over 20 years of experience implanting change across a plethora of industries, including telecoms, ecommerce and finance. He passionately believes that businesses are more effective when there are more women in senior leadership roles, and he has recently joined our mentoring programme to provide support and encourage women to reach their full potential.


Pooja Bagga

Technology Director, Royal Mail

With over 20 years of experience, Pooja has made her mark as a senior leader in technology-driven transformation, working with the likes of Royal Mail, TFL and British Airways. Pooja leads with a visionary approach embedding next-generation solutions continuously contributing to company success and creating high-performing teams. Pooja is the Executive Sponsor for the D&I network at Royal Mail moving the dial towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce.


Anna Fleming

Chief Operating Officer, AXA Retail

Anna Fleming is the Chief Operating Officer for AXA’s retail business where she is responsible for customer sales and service, claims, IT and change. Prior to joining AXA in May 2022, Anna was Chief Operating Officer at the Motor Insurers’ Bureau where she led the team who built the OIC portal for the MOJ. She's also a non-practising solicitor with a wealth of legal experience to draw on.


Trevor Attridge

Chief Transformation Officer, Informa Markets

As a seasoned CIO, Trevor has a track record of success in providing management, implementation, and IT solutions for top-level organisations. He is known for being a forward-thinking leader, balancing multiple tasks within fast-paced environments while demonstrating effective managerial skills. Trevor's passion for diversity and inclusion extends to our mentoring programme where he helps women in transformation to reach their career goals.

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