Happy Birthday to us! Celebrating 9 years of Deltra Group

Celebrations are in order today because Deltra Group turns 9 years old. It’s safe to say we’ve come a long way since those early days. From two people sitting in an office with a vision of doing things differently, we’ve become a close-knit team of business change enthusiasts and talented recruiters (if we do say so ourselves).

We know that we wouldn’t have reached this point without the hard work of our team and the continued support from our clients and candidates. To celebrate our birthday and to show our appreciation, we invited our client and contractor partners to join us for a special birthday bash last night at the Folly in Central London.

We were thrilled that so many people were eager to join us for this momentous occasion. The venue was filled with professionals from a wide variety of industries and companies who wouldn't necessarily get the chance to be in a room together and we're chuffed that we were able to make this happen. 

With beer and wine flowing and cupcakes doing the rounds we thought it was a great time to check in with our team to understand what makes Deltra Group so special.

Deltra team highlights

From our admin team to our associate directors, Deltra wouldn’t be the company it is today without our people. We’re proud to have built a team over the past 9 years who are passionate about what they do, but also keen to have fun while they do it. We asked some of the longest serving Deltra team members what their biggest highlights of working at Deltra have been and this is what they had to say.

First, we caught up with Managing Director, Minesh Jobanputra, who alongside co-founder and Managing Director Julian McCallum, set up the company. Having grown rapidly in headcount over the last 5 years in particular, Minesh cites taking out the lease on their current office as one of his standout moments from the Deltra journey and what it means to him.

“The biggest highlight for me was when we took out the lease on our current office. Whilst we had our own space a while back, this was a step up and a proper commitment to being somewhere for the last 5 years. There was the financial commitment, but also the opportunity to grow into a far bigger space. We moved over here when there were only 16 of us and we’ve now grown it to over 30! It was great seeing how the team reacted to having a bigger space but it was also something that we could call home!”  Minesh Jobanputra, Managing Director

Speaking of growing as a team, one of the things that we're delighted to hear time and time again from the Deltra team is that they cherish our emphasis on personal development and progression. Ultimately, we believe each and every one of our consultants and back office team can achieve greatness within their niches - and we'll even provide you with the tools to do just that. Associate Director, Tilden Lamb, who is one of Deltra's longest standing members of the team, and Property & Construction Consultant Dan Carter, elaborate on the journeys they've been on since joining the company.

“Above all, the thing that stands out is the culture and environment, and the ability to grow and develop as a professional, in what is, a very supportive environment. The faith, trust and belief that has been placed in me by Minesh and Julian has enabled me to ride the highs and lows and ultimately grow and progress through the organisation.”  Tilden Lamb, Associate Director

“Having been with Deltra for over four years now I’m happy to say that I’ve been able to build the Property & Construction portfolio from a new sector into an established sector for the business. It’s been a very interesting learning curve understanding the intricacies of a new industry, but moreover, it’s been a pleasure to meet and work with some fantastic people as I continue to build my network. Internally the team are always happy to make themselves available to offer advice and support and I think this is very representative of the culture at Deltra. Being a growing business it’s a good feeling and a motivating factor to know that you really can make a difference.Dan Carter, Consultant

Something that we feel really sets us aside from the competition is our ability to truly add value to our contractor and client's lives, beyond recruitment. That's why you'll often see us hosting our own networking events covering a range of hot industry topics within the transformation, projects and change space - it's just something that's ingrained in the culture here now and we're proud of how our events calendar has really taken off over the years. 

 “My favourite moments since I started working at Deltra have been hosting and getting involved in our networking events, particularly Women in Transformation. I enjoy listening to and getting involved in the strong debates between our attendees and the interesting topics posed by our guest speakers. It’s a great feeling to bring like-minded professionals together and to hear their thoughts on the challenges they face.” Pujan Thakrar, Senior Consultant

And last but certainly not least, we're really honoured to be able to watch our amazing team hit big milestones in life and achieve great things both personally and professionally. We're always there to celebrate one another's successes and help each other out on occasion if we need it, Utilities Manager, Richard Archer, looks back at his Deltra journey and how he's grown during his time here.

“I have been with Deltra for over 5 years now and there have been a number of both professional and personal achievements. First and foremost, I would say that I have managed to create a strong brand presence within the sector I deliver into. I would like to think within the Utilities sector I have formed and sustained some really credible relationships and managed to widen Deltra’s footprint within the Utilities sector. I have also managed to drive quite a lot of engagement with senior contacts and interviewing the CEOs of Bristol Water and MOSL has been a highlight.

One of my passions is also progression and being promoted to Manager and now being part of the Leadership team in Deltra is a great achievement and means I am able to play a part in driving the success and expansion of Deltra. I also enjoy the interaction with the consultants and being a sounding board, leading and being responsible for their progression. On a personal standpoint whilst being at Deltra, I have managed to get on the property ladder, get married and become a father with another addition on the way, so some significant life goals achieved.” Richard Archer, Manager

It's safe to say that we've had a fantastic 9th year as a business and look forward to many many more to come. Finally, here are some photos from our birthday bash at The Folly last night so that anyone who couldn't be there can feel like they were right there celebrating with us.

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