Deltra Promotions. Congratulations to consultants Phoebe Kent and Josh Carter-White

Here at Deltra, we understand that every member of our team has their own goals and ambitions they want to achieve and we do everything in our power to give them the tools they need to get to where they want to be. In short, we love nothing more than seeing our team develop and succeed.

This is why we're so pleased to announce that a few exciting things have been happening in the Deltra offices over the past few weeks. Not one but two of our associate consultants have been promoted. Our associate TMT consultant Josh Carter-White and our associate Retail consultant Phoebe Kent have both been promoted to consultants after showing prowess and getting fantastic results in their respective fields.

We caught up with Phoebe and Josh to find out more about their journey with Deltra so far and what they are most looking forward to about their new roles.

Hi both, Can you tell us what you were you were doing before you joined the Deltra Team?

Phoebe: Before I came to Deltra, I had just finished my Psychology degree at Sussex University. After graduating I started to work in a pub then spent a month in Peru, where I helped to paint an orphanage and climbed the Inca trails of Machu Picchu. This was an incredible experience I will never forget.

When I got back, I decided to start doing some research into the role of a recruiter and the industry itself. It seemed to be a good fit for me because it suited my competitive side, which I’ve had ever since I started playing netball ten years ago.

Josh: Before coming to Deltra, I spent a year working for another recruitment company. The way they work is very different to how Deltra work- they were far more pace driven and I didn’t get the chance to meet candidates or clients very often.

Before that, I worked in retail as a store manager but the unsociable hours and lack of career progression encouraged me to make the move into the recruitment field.

Why Deltra?

Phoebe: The differing industries that Deltra Group recruit in and the variability of the jobs really appealed to me. I think that recruiting the same people for the same kind of roles would get really boring but here there is no risk of that happening.

During my job search I interviewed with a few different recruitment companies and I felt that Deltra were the only ones who were genuinely interested in me. They asked about what I wanted to do and what plans I had for my career progression which was a refreshing change. Being able to meet the team before accepting the job also made a great first impression on me and set the right tone.

Josh: Deltra stood out from competition by a mile and I liked that they were very relationship focused. They look at the long term as opposed to the short term, which is very different from other recruitment companies I’ve come across previously. I really enjoy the culture here too. Everyone is on the same page. I also think the level of support is second to none and there are multiple outlets where we can voice our concerns or ask for advice.

Tell us about your journey at Deltra so far?

Phoebe: I started as an associate consultant working across both the retail and property and construction portfolios. In this role I helped to fill roles and mapped out clients, as well as increasing my understanding of current projects the team were working on and building relationships with clients too.

Josh: As an associate consultant I was looking at the programme, change and business analyst job requirements and mapping clients. After a while, my manager Tilden gave me the opportunity to choose what I wanted to do, which was also a refreshing change. I decided that I wanted to focus more on TMT as this is a growing field and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since

What are you most looking forward to about your new role?

Phoebe: I’m excited to get a bit more independence on projects. I love the high level support I get from everyone here and I know I’ve still got a lot to learn. But I also relish the challenge of going through the process myself.

Josh: I’m looking forward to becoming more established as a consultant so I can secure contractors for roles easily and help to increase revenue for Deltra. I like the idea of people feeling like they can rely on me for their requirements.

What is your favourite thing about working at Deltra?

Phoebe: Being able to have a laugh with the team. Everyone works hard, but they play hard too. I also like that I can ask anyone for advice and support and they are always happy to help.

Josh: The culture. It’s so different to other places I’ve worked at and I often forget that it’s a sales job. You are given trust and the responsibility to do the job from the start, but also encouraged to have fun with everyone else.

Well done you two! We’re proud to have you both on the Deltra team and look forward to seeing you progress even more in future!

11th May

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