Deltra Group’s Q2 Hiring Report 2020 is here

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Deltra Group Hiring Reports, which we will be sharing with our clients and candidates each quarter moving forward.

At Deltra we believe that knowledge is power, particularly when it’s shared with others and these reports will act as an extension of this. We intend to gain key insights directly from professionals working across a wealth of sectors about their current stance and approach to hiring. Our findings will then be collated into an easily digestible quarterly report that will be shared with our clients and candidates.

Our quarterly hiring reports will offer up-to-date market insights that can help to identify potential trends, opportunities and threats to an organisation. They will also provide information on the impact that certain factors have had on hiring within varying industries during the quarter, such as economic influences, unemployment rates or increases to employee demand.

Our hope is that by sharing this information, we can provide a clearer perspective of the current landscape, which in turn will help organisations to adapt and strengthen their hiring plans and strategies.

Our first hiring report for Q2 of this year contains insights into how different sectors have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic and how this has gone on to influence their hiring approach. It’s been eye-opening to hear how the clients we work with have responded to this unprecedented event, particularly during the early stages of the outbreak.

Under such extraordinary circumstances, many would be forgiven for thinking that hiring was the last thing on business leader’s minds right now. While this might be the case for some industries, the insights we’ve collated for this latest report tell a very different story for others.

It’s also been fascinating to see the effect that the coronavirus has had on hiring efforts across various industries, both good and bad. While some have thrived and been able to utilise the opportunities placed before them, other industries have experienced redundancies and hiring freezes. A portion of these were almost to be expected under the circumstances, there have definitely been a few surprises along the way too.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the contents of our Q2 Hiring Report, fill in the form here

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