Deltra Group Named as IIM Gold Tier Supplier

The team at Deltra Group is delighted to announce that we have moved up to the Gold Tier on the Institute of Interim Service Providers List for 2022. It’s an amazing honour to have received this validation from our partner, the Institute of Interim Management (IIM), and to be recognised by interim professionals who have taken the time to rate the quality of service that they have received from our team.

The IIM is the leading membership framework for professional interim managers in the UK and their survey and supplier list is a great asset for the interim community. They operate through endorsing and representing interim managers and executives, whilst also informing them of progression opportunities.

The supplier list comes as part of an in-depth survey which highlights how to get the best out of working with interim service providers, along with other useful advice and guidance for interim management professionals.

In addition to this, the Interim Service Provider list gives insight into who the best interim suppliers are in the market, giving contractors the opportunity to comment on who they believe provides the best service. Since the list is compiled from endorsements from senior contractors who have worked with us, we’re pleased that our high rating has been formulated on the positive perception that our candidates have of us.

We are honoured to have progressed through the IIM’s tiers year on year - from bronze, to silver, to gold. We’ve steadily climbed the ranks for three consecutive years and there is nothing is more rewarding than being recognised for our efforts, especially in face of the limitations that we’ve encountered during the pandemic. Having to adapt to working throughout the height of lockdown and the subsequent fallout, our team continued to place contractors in the right opportunities and maintain a great service to both candidates and clients alike. To be featured on list is testament to the time and effort that our team has invested into building these meaningful relationships.

“It is an amazing feeling to know that so many people within our community have had a positive experience with us. Being recognised as a Gold Tier service provider is a great endorsement of the diligence of our team,” said Minesh Jobanputra, Delta’s co-founder and Managing Director. “We don’t plan on changing that any time soon and will continue to go above and beyond for our interim network, hopefully advancing further up the list in the years to come.”

The complete IIM survey for 2022, along with the full list of suppliers, can be viewed here.

Mike Weston

10th August

Deltra News