Deltra Consultants head into the Kitchen to complete Whitechapel Mission’s Breakfast Challenge

Earlier this year we announced that we were supporting local charity, Whitechapel Mission to raise funds and volunteer to help homeless and marginalised individuals. Last month, the team headed to Whitechapel Mission’s centre in London to give their morning to help cook up and serve breakfast to the 300 people that use the centre each day.

After an early night, the team headed to the centre for the 5:45am briefing, awaiting to be assigned roles. Having successfully been given duties, from sausage and bacon cooking to preparing the hot drink and cereal station, everyone had a job to do.

At 8am the team began serving the 300 or so people that came through the doors of Whitechapel Mission in search of breakfast. Although busy, it was lovely that the team were able to spend time having a chat with the people they were serving and many noted how hard it was to comprehend that the person stood in front of you, having a laugh and a joke about making the perfect cup of coffee, may not have eaten since breakfast the morning before, and had likely spent the night outside in the cold and wet.

As serving died down, some of the team were able to help handing out vital toiletries, such as flannels, soaps and toothbrushes to people and spent a bit of time getting to know some of the individuals using the Whitechapel Mission services and facilities. One of our consultants Jaina noted how shocking it was to see so many rough sleepers coming to the centre from the surrounding area. But what was really encouraging was to see how much the volunteers at WCM cared for these people and encouraged them to really look after themselves and support them. From giving advice on managing their money – to ensure they’ve got the 50p to buy themselves breakfast - to providing shower facilities and fresh, clean clothes to get them ready for the day ahead.

With homelessness on the rise, and the latest count for 2017 showing an estimated 4,751 people sleeping rough at any one night across England, centres such as Whitechapel Mission are vitally important to not only give people relief from the harsh outdoors, but to provide them with the skills and confidence they need to get their lives back on track.

The Deltra team will be supporting the charity well into 2019, donating both their time and items to help people get back on their feet and of course, will be fundraising throughout the year to raise money to build a new computer centre at Whitechapel Mission. You can donate to Deltra’s team fundraising page by following this link:

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12th December

Deltra News