A necessity for redundancy.

Many businesses are making difficult decisions right now to survive. If you’re sadly facing staff cuts, soften the shock of redundancies with our redundancy care programme.

We know how stressful redundancies can be for both you and your employees. There is a real pressure to get it right and treat people fairly under sensitive circumstances.

Our redundancy care offering addresses the needs of those facing job losses, so you can focus on restructuring the business. Developed specifically to support project and change professionals, our redundancy care programme helps them towards their next role.

Support your programme, project and change management professionals.

Our redundancy care services help professionals in the project industry to stand out from competing jobseekers, better represent themselves and maximise their chances of securing that next role.

With our help, your leavers will:

  • Build their confidence
  • Find their career direction
  • Advocate for themselves
  • Gain job-search momentum
  • Attract the right opportunities

Why provide redundancy care?

Let’s talk about supporting your project and change professionals’ futures.

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Outplacement services are invaluable to colleagues leaving an organisation. I, like many, had not written a CV or updated my LinkedIn profile for many years. Support and guidance on clarifying what you want to do next, preparing marketing materials and being guided on how to approach the market lead to better outcomes for the colleague and organisation.

Deltra are well placed to provide this service with their extensive industry coverage and deep knowledge of markets supported by a diverse, talented and caring group of individuals.

Rajesh Gupta, Transformation Director

People are a company's most important asset. On-boarding and outplacement support are two ends of the same employment spectrum. Value a departing colleague and they will do likewise to you.

Nigel Jefferson, Programme Director

Deltra’s outplacement programme was exactly the thing I needed to launch my career search following redundancy by my employer. They were professional at dealing with my individual situation and tailored a programme to my specific needs, which included developing my personal brand and getting my LinkedIn profile search ready.

The weekly networking calls were a great place to meet their consultants and helped motivate me during my job search. I really value my previous employer for investing in me and committing to the Deltra programme. In a strange way, I feel more loyal to them now that I have moved on.

Glenn RG Jones, Chief Transformation Officer