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Our approach.

Our services, tailored to your project.

Contingent Recruitment.

We shape strong programme and project teams for our client partners and build satisfying careers for our candidates. The only way we can achieve this is to truly understand the people that we’re working with and the industry they’re in.

That’s why we’ve spent years building a trusted network of experienced business transformation and change professionals who’ve worked in permanent and interim positions. Our network is just that, a real network of individuals that we know and trust, not a database of CVs.

To find the right person for a business, there’s more to it than matching a person’s technical ability and experience with a vacancy. It’s equally important to understand a candidate’s softer skills, motivations and personal approach so we can be confident that they’ll fit into an organisation and drive through the change that you need.

When working on a contingent recruitment project, our specialist consultants will always reach out to their network alongside traditional headhunt and search techniques.

Experience on Demand.

Our Experience on Demand service is perfect for businesses that have an immediate need for multiple hires or for those who know they’ll need more people further down the line to work on long-term transformations.

One of our consultants will work with you to understand your programme of work and identify any permanent or interim positions that may be required or skillsets that will be needed during the project. With key milestones mapped out, our team will pro-actively liaise with our candidate network and approach passive individuals to build you a shortlist of experienced professionals that you can bring into your business as you need them.

Phase 1: Define. Client planning, profile development and headcount

Phase 2: Develop. Candidate screening and refining the candidate shortlist

Phase 3: Deliver. Share shortlist with formal SLA and continual account support

Consulting Alternative.

Working in partnership with you and your business, we provide a real alternative to using management consultancies to deliver your transformation. Our consultants work alongside your business to scope out project requirements, from headcount, project scope, deliverables and success criteria to skills and experience, and build a specialist transformation team tailored to your programme of work.

Phase 1: Research. We'll spend time understanding your project requirements, operational technology and budgetary drivers, as well as any other commitments that may be in place with existing suppliers and/or consultancies.

Phase 2: Refine. Your account manager will work with you to find the right people for the business and as the project develops, will advise on team structure to ensure you are  seeing a true return on investment.

Phase 3: Realise. Once your transformation team is in place, our account manager will continue to partner with you to track performance and support you in delivering your programme.



Business Advisory.

Transformation can be complicated and having a trusted advisor throughout the lifecycle can be extremely valuable.

Through our Business Advisory service, our team will work with you to understand the challenges that you’re facing and once fully briefed, will introduce you to an experienced consultant from our professional network who will work with you to resolve your challenges.

Our associates are well-versed in identifying how your transformation agenda is scoped, planned and initiated and can be a significant cost-saving alternative to using management consultancies.


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