The New Normal For Retail.

You're invited to our digital roundtable event series.

Everybody in the retail space is currently facing the same challenges, from budget cuts to store closures to dwindling online sales there's no doubt that the industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. Finding 'the new normal' for retail is paramount to getting through this challenging time, learning how to evolve and emerge from it better and stronger.

We're delighted to be joined by the wonderful Bilyana Georgieva, a seasoned TEDx speaker and business transformation expert with vast knowledge of the retail space. In this interactive live webinar series Bilyana will help us unpack the current state of the market and, with your help, explore what the future of retail could look like in a post-coronavirus world.

Following on from our initial 3 sessions, we're extending the series by another two digital Q&A sessions - which will be held on Friday the 15th of May at 10am-10:30am for those in between contracts and at 1pm-1:30pm for those still within a contract facing daily challenges and continued changes.

Previous Webinars

Date: 24th April

Time: 1 PM-1:30 PM

Location: Live webinar

In our kick off session for the digital roundtable series, we'll be addressing some of the core challenges faced by the retail industry amidst the coronavirus crisis. With many having to close stores, slash budgets and simultaneously try to push online sales - the retail space is in a difficult position to say the least. Meanwhile work expectations are higher than ever as now is the perfect time to make the business fully digital – from the administration working from home to all sales taking place online. It's a confusing time for many that raise all sorts of questions...

'How can we run business transformations when we have no resources?' 

'Is a de-centralised team the answer and what does that mean for the fashion industry?' 

'What can we offer when we have no budget to implement new solutions right now? '

'What help can we expect from the government and other organisations to keep the digital work going?'

All these burning questions and more will be on the table for discussion on the 24th April. Come armed with your queries, concerns and suggestions so we can lay out all the challenges together and hear what business transformation expert Bilyana Georgieva has to say.

Date: 1st May

Time: 1PM-1:30PM

Location: Live webinar

Our second session explores the immediate after effects of the pandemic and what to expect as lockdown is lifted. If it took us a week or two to start working from home, it begs the question of how long it will take us to re-open offices and stores once the lockdown period is over. Then comes the conundrum of how to advise senior management and HR teams accordingly. It's hard to imagine how our day to day lives will be once we return to work with the remnants of social distancing lingering wherever we go. You're probably wondering:

'Will it be that different from everything else you’ve experienced so far?' 

'Are there any other options besides online and in-store sales to meet customer demands? Will this actually drive a new trend within the retail industry?' 

'Will retail events and fashion shows be online or should we believe the rumours that there will be none in 2020? What sort of impact will this have on the 2020 and 2021 financial results for the whole sector in addition to fashion seasons?'

Bilyana will once again be addressing all these concerns and more on the 1st May where you'll be encouraged to add your own thoughts and experiences to the mix.

Date: 6th May

Time: 1PM-1:30PM

Location: Live webinar

In our third instalment in the series Bilyana will be looking further into the future past the pandemic to see where the retail industry can find its feet again. We're all wondering what sort of changes we have in store for us beyond lockdown. With your input she'll be examining what the best options are for not only rebuilding the retail industry but improving it too.

'What can lift retail industry up in a short period of time?'

'Competition vs collaboration and partnership – which one will we choose and how easy will it be from a digital perspective to collaborate with others?'

'Why should we change everything now and why should we trust these new methods?'

'What are the trends amongst retail companies and what are customers expecting?' 

'Could experiential showrooms be a lifeline for retail or will it die off before business picks up?'

Get all the answers from Bilyana on the 6th May where she'll be looking at tangible ways to move forward as an industry once the dust has settled.

This event is now fully booked. Please keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming events, or head over to our Networking Events page to register your interest in speaking at a Deltra roundtable event.