CX Transformation: Learning From Constant Change

You're invited to our digital roundtable event on the 11th of November.

While the world has evolved quickly as of late, customer expectations have remained the same. With most people having reached a point of fatigue with what has unfolded as a hectic 2020, customers and employees will be less forgiving of negative experiences, interactions or change with your organisation.

In this live webinar, we’ll be joined by customer experience and people-led change and transformation expert, Greg Scholes, to spearhead the topic of how business leaders can learn and adapt from a state of constant change. Greg's wealth of experience in leading positive, sustainable, customer and employee focused change to big-name organisations like Travelport, Sky and Three has led to the creation of a brand new approach to help companies in need adapt to the changes brought on by COVID.

You can expect this to be an interactive, intimate session where as a group we'll explore the following:

  • Heroes and villains: We’ll talk about who got it right and who it got it very wrong. What did they do, what didn’t they do?
  • Lockdown legacy: Next, we’ll reflect and share what’s worked in our own worlds. What we think is worth taking forward, worth keeping, but needs adapting, didn’t work or will never work post-COVID.
  • Pin it or bin it: Then we’ll explore some of the behaviours, capability and characteristics, that have made heroes and villains and some from lockdown legacy and pin them or bin them
  • Tools: Greg will share a few tools that you can use with little to no training to help create an outcome, plan for the best by planning for the worst and a fun way to prioritise.

This is a really great opportunity to get some fresh insight on how, even in a time of constant change, you can win over the hearts and minds of your customers and employees first and foremost.

Here are the event details:

Date: Wednesday 11th November

Time: 8:00am - 9:30am

Location: Live Webinar

This event is now fully booked. Please keep an eye out for updates on our upcoming events, or head over to our Networking Events page to register your interest in speaking at a Deltra roundtable event.