Q&A with our new Senior Consultant - Utilities, Conor Hamilton

We’re excited to talk to one of the latest additions to the Deltra team, Conor Hamilton. Conor has come on board as Senior Consultant but has a background in car sales and even has experience running his own business.

We spoke to Conor about life at Deltra as someone who is new to recruitment, how his diverse career experience helps him excel in his role here and what he’s looking to achieve.

Hi Conor, please tell us a little about your career background?

Before I started at Deltra, I had my own e-commerce company in which we’d buy and sell goods, from kettles, to cutlery, to graphics cards and laptops. Before this, I was in car sales for 5+ years. I started off at Mini in Romford as a trainee and took on this role as I wanted face-to-face experience, previously I’d been in insurance sales which was predominantly spent on the phone.

I became a Sales Executive when my manager tasked me with selling 12 cars in a month, which I did. I then moved on to the Park Lane branch, which was their flagship store, and dealt with all sorts of different people, from the average John Doe to celebrities and VIPs.

I started my own business when COVID-19 hit, whilst at the same time asking myself what I really wanted to do. I had previously, when I was a lot younger, approached some recruitment agencies such as Hays, however I wasn’t successful because I wasn’t as experienced or confident as I am now. 

What did you take away from starting your own business?

I would say key leadership skills. I had a team of four who reported directly into me who I interviewed and trained, and I really enjoyed being the person that others would come to for help. They could be 19 with no experience or they could be a CEO, and in my eyes, everyone is important. I found it really gratifying to help someone resolve a problem or teach them something new, which probably stems from when I used to be a tennis coach. Seeing someone do well from a technique I taught them gave me a lot of fulfilment.

What drew you to Deltra?

I met with Julian and he explained what Deltra stood for as a business. With my situation, I didn’t need to get a new job, but recruitment was one of the things I’d always wanted to do. I spoke to a couple of other companies, and they weren’t really lighting the fire for me, and then I spoke with Julian and it was like having a conversation with a mate and he was just telling me his dream for the company.

I then got to meet the team and quiz them on why they chose Deltra. One of the things that was consistent across everyone's feedback is that it's very much a tight knit family sort of team, in which you’re supported, you’re taught well, and your skills are properly developed. That was a huge thing for me because I knew I was making myself a little bit vulnerable coming into a new market. I felt like I had a bit of an advantage because of my experience with sales, but I didn't know recruitment.

Also, I met a couple of other companies that are very boiler room style in which you're at your desk 90% of the time and cold calling, whereas at Deltra, you really focus on relationships with clients, and every client and candidate matters.

So, for me it was very much because we are business development driven, you do your own work, you build it, and take control of your own desk. That’s what really drew me in.

How has your time been so far at Deltra?

It’s been great, everyone has been so welcoming, and they’ve all helped with my learning. There’s not one person here that hasn’t helped me in one way or taught me something new, it’s very collaborative. A highlight was that everyone has been really honest with their experience at Deltra.

Before I joined, I asked them, what’s wrong with this company, because I’m not hearing anything bad? They said, you’re right we can’t think of anything negative – which is again, brilliant.

Also, before I started, they sent me a gift, and then when I joined, I was taken out for dinner with the team, both made me feel very welcome.

What are your hopes for your future at Deltra?

I’m very ambitious, so I obviously want to compete with the top billers. I’d like to build a portfolio focusing on Deltra’s growing permanent utilities division. From a personal aspect, I’d like to make sure I’m making the most of it and up there with the people who are doing the best, and of course helping others along the way. 

If you had any advice for someone who's thinking about going into recruitment, or has just started their recruitment role, what would it be?

My advice is: Be as open minded as possible, especially if you're coming from a different background. The most important thing is to have a relationship with someone and not treat it as transactional.

The three biggest things that can happen in someone's life are buying a house, buying a car, and changing jobs. With my experience, I’ve been involved with two of those decisions. I would say to treat people like they’re a human and not a transaction. Be as open minded as possible with how you work and how you speak to people, and try to really understand their key motivators, because everything else will drop into place.

We couldn’t agree more with what Conor had to say. From our perspective it’s been a real delight getting to know Conor and bring him up to speed with our way of recruiting.

Conor’s manager and Deltra Director, Richard Archer had the following to say “I have been working with Conor over the last few weeks, and so far it’s all going in the right direction. Having come from a sales and commercial background has really helped him to grasp pretty quickly what we do as recruiters, and how we engage with both clients and candidates.

Conor has engaged with a significant number of candidates and clients. He is now working on his first role with a utility company which is a great start and a great opportunity for him to make a quick impact after a short period of time being with Deltra. He’s been adept at taking feedback which has helped to fast track his development and progress.”

If you’d like to learn more about working at Deltra Group, take a look at our Join Our Team page or get in touch directly on 0207 375 9500.

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