Smaller, more efficient, and better value.

With organisations looking to move away from using large management consultancies, Deltra have developed the Consulting Alternative model; a credible, value driven service as an alternative approach to traditional client consulting expenditure.

Instead of using cost prohibitive consultants, we build a specialist transformation team based on your requirements. They are able to bring their extensive experience and knowledge to your programme, the team can be smaller, more efficient and therefore better value.

The consulting alternative life cycle encompasses three phases:


The key to this phase is the establishment of the client's requirements based on their current consultancy experience and requirements.

Research is carried out to assess the project scope along with commitments of the existing consultancy. Operational and budgetary drivers are also taken into consideration.


The refine phase develops the structure of the team and is client specific. This is based on role profiles, skill sets, and project requirements, which are all designed to give you an improved return on investment.

We evolve the team if needed throughout the life cycle to take into account any programme challenges.


Once the consulting alternative has been launched, we continue to partner with you, monitoring and reporting regularly to ensure performance and delivery quality for the service.

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